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Gamay Noir

Gamay Noir is an unusual varietal that combines dark fruit and bright acid, with subtle notes of licorice or anise.

Largely found in Beaujolais, France, Gamay Noir is relatively rare in the United States, largely found in the Willamette Valley and a few spots in British Columbia.

A wonderful alternative to Pinot Noir for folks want to explore reds from the Willamette Valley.

Cellar 503 selections

Cooper Mountain Vineyards 2021 Gamay NoirFebruary 2024: Founder Focus
Sis & Mae Wine Co. 2020 Gamay NoirNovember 2022: Thanksgiving Wines
Twill Cellars NV RedNovember 2022: Thanksgiving Wines
Leah Jørgensen Cellars 2019 “Tour Rain” Vin RougeMay 2022: Women In Wine
Andrew Rich Wines 2020 GamayMarch 2022: New World Wines Old World Style
Vincent Wine Company 2020 Gamay NoirNovember 2021: Thanksgiving Wines
Craft Wine Co 2018 Minimus Red WineMay 2021: Women in Wine
Twill Cellars 2018 RedApril 2021: Environmentally Conscious Wines
Leah Jørgensen Cellars 2018 "Le Coeur Tour Rain" Gamay NoirNovember 2020: Thanksgiving Wines
Stedt Wines 2017 Impulse Gamay NoirJuly 2020: Old World Wines, New World Style
Grochau Cellars 2017 Gamay NoirMarch 2020: Winery Dogs
Martin Woods Winery 2017 RoséNovember 2018: Thanksgiving Wines
Vincent Wine Company 2016 Gamay NoirNovember 2018: Thanksgiving Wines
Teutonic Wine Company 2015 Pinot Gamay “1787” BlendJuly 2018: Summer Wines
Grochau Cellars 2015 Gamay NoirNovember 2017: Thanksgiving Wines
Silas Wines 2014 Gamay MalbecOctober 2017: Focus on Winemaking Techniques
Leah Jørgensen Cellars 2015 Oregon "Tour Rain" Vin RougeMay 2017: Women Winemakers
Tripod Project 2014 Triple Fist Gamay NoirNovember 2016: A Friendsgiving Thanksgiving
Random Wine Company 2013 Gamay Noir / Pinot NoirOctober 2016: Amazing Oregon Blends
Brick House Vineyards 2014 Gamay NoirApril 2016: Dry Farmed Wines
Division Winemaking Company 2014 Gamay Noir CruNovember 2015: Thanksgiving Wines
Brick House Vineyards 2013 Gamay NoirApril 2015: Biodynamic, Organic & LIVE Certified Wines