Our Story

I love Oregon. I love wine.

And I love discovering and sharing great Oregon wine.

Like a lot of folks, as I was exploring the world of Oregon wine, I found myself joining one wine club after another.

Again and again, I kept wondering, "How come there's not a single wine club that will just send me great stuff from all over Oregon?"

And from that little idea, Cellar 503 was born.

Right here in Oregon, in this little magical corner of the world, we have an extraordinary range of great wines. Sure, you've heard of the Pinot Noir (and there's so much good Pinot Noir!)

But let me tell you -- there are so many hidden gems coming from little vineyards tucked around the corner on every country road. And more than a few amazing wines being made in little urban wineries, often in collaborative spaces.

It's just as important to me to share my discoveries with you as it is to tell the stories of the winemakers and grape growers that bring us their creations.

Wine is a labor of love. And when you find out why these winemakers love making wine and the unique approach that each one brings to the craft, you can't help but fall in love. Over and over and over.

And that's the magic of Oregon wine. It's the land, the climate, the grapes, and most of all, the people that pour their hearts and souls into it.

I can't wait for you to fall in love, too.

Carrie Wynkoop, Founder