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Stedt Wines

Stedt Wines 2017 Impulse Gamay Noir

The right vineyard for the right grape

I started Cellar 503 because I wanted to help our members discover the hidden gems of Oregon wine; those wines and winemakers that would otherwise go undiscovered. Well, Chris Lubberstedt is just that kind of winemaker.

Despite over two decades in the business, Chris still flies under the radar. His day job? He’s a technical advisor to winemakers seeking help from a winery supply business – essentially the in-house winemaker. So when it comes to his own personal label, Stedt Wines, you know they’re going to be technically right on.

But more than just a master of technique, Chris is passionate about creating intentional wines that represent the absolute best of Oregon. Each of Stedt’s wines is a single varietal from a single vineyard – often select rows of vines within that vineyard – that Chris believes represents the best expression of that fruit and that vineyard. Pinot Gris from here, Gamay Noir from over there.

He sees varietals and vineyards as the ultimate pairing, and does extensive research to discover the best vineyards for each grape – and then commits to working with them year after year. And with only around 200 cases of each wine made, this is passionate winemaking at its best.

Stedt Wines

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Stedt Wines, Portland, Oregon
2017 Impulse Gamay Noir

You’ve heard of Beaujolais?

That’s the region in eastern France where the local grape is Gamay Noir. About 75% of the world’s Gamay comes from Beaujolais, and it’s an increasingly popular varietal in Oregon.

And no surprise: In France, Beaujolais is a sub-region of Burgundy, famous for its Pinot Noir. So, no surprise that Gamay and Pinot co-exist happily in Oregon.

This is a lovely, bold wine that jumps out at you – with red fruit, a savory quality that’s both herbal and redolent of red cedar, alongside a pepper spice to liven things up.

Gamay can be paired with almost anything – but particularly cedar-plank salmon, roasted poultry (thanksgiving?), a burger on the grill, or a really great pizza. If you’re pairing with cheese, go with the white-rind cheeses, like brie, camembert, and munster.

A Cellar 503 selection in July 2020, Old World Wines, New World Style Willamette Valley | Gamay Noir