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Wines from the Columbia Gorge

August 2016

In August, we are celebrating wineries in the Columbia Gorge. Only 45 minutes from Portland, this picturesque region often gets over shadowed by the Willamette Valley. But with rolling hills, access to Oregon’s famed Mt. Hood and stellar wind surfing along the Columbia River, it’s the perfect place for wine!

This fertile valley has been home to rich agricultural production for generations. The varied terrain creates a multitude of different areas for growing grapes. From low-lying warm sites that produce intense reds to high-altitude sites that produce light and bright whites, you’ll find everything in the Gorge.

You’ll also find a huge variety of wineries in the Gorge. From multi-generational family-owned operations to small start-up wineries, there’s a little bit of everything to explore.

Our first red is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Mt. Hood Winery, a family-owned operation with stunning views of Mt. Hood. Our second red is a very unusual Zweigelt from Stoltz Wines, a tiny operation making less than 500 cases a year in Hood River’s “Mansion on the Hill”, the old downtown mortuary!

Our first white is a Gewürztraminer from a relatively new winery on the scene, Analemma, whose husband and wife team are making waves with their light, bright, and crisp wines. And our second white is a blend called Satin from one of the oldest operations in the valley, The Pines 1852 winery headed by Lonnie Wright, known as the father of the Columbia Gorge industry.