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Analemma Wines

Analemma Wines 2013 Oakridge Gewürztraminer

Finding a unique spot on the Earth

Bolt a camera to a post outside. Every day at the exact same time, take a photo of the position of the sun.

After a year, layer the photos – and you’ll see the analemma. The sun will have traced a figure-eight shape in the sky. Why? The math is complex, but it has to do with the tilt of the Earth and the elliptical path we take around the sun.

To winemakers Steve Thompson and Kris Fade, the analemma is a symbol that reflects their focus on place. After all, every place on Earth has its own unique analemma – a kind of place-based fingerprint.

Having wandered as far afield as New Zealand to make wine before coming home to Oregon, Steve and Kris often say that they’re inspired by the power of wine to showcase the land, the water, and the climate in each site they farm.

Analemma Wines may be a relatively new winery, launched in 2010, but their wines come from the historic Atavus and Oak Ridge Vineyards – as well as a new vineyard planted at one of the highest elevation sites in the Columbia Gorge.

Analemma Wines

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Analemma Wines, Mosier, Oregon
2013 Oakridge Gewürztraminer

You want a syrupy sweet Gewürztraminer? Look no further than the second-to-the-bottom shelf at the grocery store.

This is not your grandmother’s Gewürztraminer.

Analemma’s take on Gewürz comes on with strong aromatic notes of stone fruit and lychee. You’ll find a refreshing quality with crisp acidity and minerality, and a persistent, spice-filled finish that lingers and lingers that will keep you coming back for more.

First planted in 1984, the organic-certified and dry-farmed Oak Ridge Vineyard is co-farmed by the winemakers Steve Thompson and Kris Fade and vineyard owners Thomas and Marlene Woodward.

A Cellar 503 selection in August 2016, Wines from the Columbia Gorge Columbia Gorge | Gewürztraminer