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Thanksgiving Wines

November 2015

People ask me all the time what wine to serve with fish, meat, cheese, dessert, whatever the flavor of the moment is. My usual answer? Drink whatever tastes good to you!

But there are certain meals that you want to make sure you serve something special, and a wine that’s going to help make the meal. Thanksgiving is one of those times.

Thanksgiving is tough — from the rich, savory flavors of turkey and gravy to the acid and sweetness of cranberry and sweet potatoes. You want to drink some great wine, but stuff too far off the beaten path may not work for Aunt Mabel.

So, there’s lots of advice out there on the perfect Thanksgiving wine – and here’s my take: I prefer lighter, livelier wines that open up the palate rather than overwhelm it. The wines need to be versatile, able to work with all those Thanksgiving flavors. And the fall is perfect for wines that have just been released from local wineries.

So this month, we’re featuring some wines that you might expect and some you might not. You’ve probably heard that Pinot Noir is perfect with turkey, and we’ve got a stunner for you from Southern Oregon. But we also have an amazing Gamay Noir which is a little fruitier and was chosen last year by the New York Times wine critic as the best thing to drink at Thanksgiving! And we’re featuring a complex and unusual Pinot Gris and a Dry Riesling – yes, you read that right – which is a perfect choice for folks who may not like red wine.

So many wines to choose from, but we think these four are pretty spectacular and hope that you’ll enjoy them with your family and friends this holiday!