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Deep Roots Coalition

April 2020

It’s finally spring here in Oregon. And while it may be some time before we can enjoy the vineyards with friends, we can still enjoy the beautiful landscape that makes our wine so special, and to celebrate Earth Day by exploring these wines at home. Every year we pick a theme in April that relates to the unique environment in Oregon leading to these outstanding wines.

This year we are highlighting wineries that are a part of the Deep Roots Coalition. The members of the DRC are committed to promoting sustainable and terroir-driven viticulture without irrigation. The 30+ members of the coalition believe that irrigation is not an essential part of the production of wine, that undermines the terroir from where the grapes were grown and is not sustainable long-term.

So this month’s wines come from dry-farmed (non-irrigated) vineyards. Our first is a Willamette Valley Syrah from Goodfellow Family Cellars. Our second red is a classic Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from J.K. Carriere Wines.

Our first white is a Chardonnay from club favorite Crowley Wines and our second white is a Pinot Blanc from Vincent Wine Co—five years after we featured this wine in our very first shipment!