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Unusual Vessels

October 2019

Last month we celebrated unusual varietals—wines that you’ve probably never heard of before. And they were so good! This month we’re celebrating unusual vessels. You’ve probably experienced wines aged in traditional French or American oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. But how about wines that are aged in concrete eggs or clay amphora? And there’s even wine being made in Oregon oak barrels!

Each of these vessels imparts their own unique characteristics on the wine and we’re looking forward to sharing that information with you. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite style of wine!

Our first red is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Ancient Cellars that was aged in clay amphora. This wine is more than 10 years old and will be an exciting way to try out the amphora style. Our second red is a Pinot Noir from Martin Woods. The folks at Martin Woods are the only wineries that we know of who are using Oregon oak barrels for their red wines. They’re on a mission to grow the oak trees on their property to use for their barrels—talk about terroir!

Our first white is a Melon de Bourgogne aged in concrete from our friends at Helioterra Wines. Even better, they also make a stainless steel version and we’ll try both at our tasting events! Our second white is a Pinot Gris from Keeler Estate also aged in concrete egg. This biodynamic vineyard is producing a really unique version of Pinot Gris that I know you’ll love.