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Women Winemakers

May 2015

Sensitivity. Intuition. Collaboration. Listening. Multitasking.

Words that are often associated with women – especially moms. In the winemaking industry, these traits are particularly helpful and the women winemakers that we’re featuring this month have them in spades.

There is no doubt that the wine industry has traditionally been dominated by men. But it is becoming more and more common to see women winemakers and assistant winemakers in Oregon’s wineries. And they’re making great wine that we’re thrilled to feature this month at Cellar 503 as part of our celebration of Mother’s Day.

Winemaking isn’t unique from any other field. There are still challenges for working moms. Men often have the luxury of focusing on their career while women juggle work and childcare responsibilities.

But these winemakers have used their collaboration and creativity to bring together their passion for wine and their love of family. These women honor their role as a caregiver to their children but still make time to craft excellent wine.