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Summer Rosé Special

May 2015

Summer is special in Oregon. When the rain subsides and the sun comes out, we’re all reminded why it is that we live here. And it’s made even more special when you uncork Oregon rosé wines.

We’re partnering this summer with national wine blogger Kaitlin Ohlinger, The Wine Snob, on a special shipment of rosé wines.

Kaitlin is a recent transplant to Oregon wine country and has been working in the wine industry for almost 10 years. Her fun approach to wine caught our eye and we're thrilled to have her as our guest curator for this special shipment.

Want to indulge your love of rosé? Or want to find out what all the fuss is about? Check out our one-time 4 bottle shipment and be set for the summer!

Are you ready for some rose? Without further ado, here’s Kaitlin:

Fun to drink? Yes. Delicious? Check. Comes in a wide variety of textures, colors, grapes, styles and intentions? Yes, yes, yes! I have been giddy with anticipation for months over my collaboration with Cellar 503 for this special shipment of four hand-chosen (by yours truly) bottles of Oregon rosé. I hope that with summer on the way, you take this opportunity to savor all that pink wine has to offer.

What the Cult of Pink Wine Lovers know is this: Rosé is magic. It demands that you stop what you’re doing and drink it, no matter what time it is. One glance at a frosty bottle of rosé, with beads of condensation rolling down its beautiful pink color, and you’re bound to be salivating. Rosé is lighthearted, carefree and a little bit frivolous. You don’t need a specific reason to open a bottle. You needn’t sweat what to pair with it. It goes with a sunny day, an ignored to-do list, and a silenced phone. Rules simply do not apply to it.

Together, these four wines include a total of not two, not five, but eleven different grapes all grown in Oregon. Now that is amazing! The wines range from an unconventional blending of Pinot Noir with Pinot Gris, Chardonnay & Gewürztraminer to a pink wine made entirely from Pinot Gris (more on that later!) to Rhone varietals galore. This is yet another thing we wine people love about rosé: the options are practically endless. Enjoy your tour of Oregon via your wine glass. It may just be the most fun you’ll have all summer.