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StoneRiver Vineyards

StoneRiver Vineyards 2017 Ultraviolet

Leave it better than you found it

After a storied career in the US Air Force, Col. Paul Lange and his wife, Virginia, were looking for a new adventure. In 1998, they found it in Southern Oregon at the site of one of the state’s earliest registered farms, the historic Brookbank Farms.

Their plan? To continue farming the peaches that had earned acclaim throughout the Northwest. But before long, they realized that wine was taking root in Southern Oregon and they thought they’d give that a try. And we’re lucky they did.

At StoneRiver Vineyards, the Langes — and their adult children who now manage the operation — are focused on sustainable farming practices. As stewards of this historic land, they believe in the credo that one should leave a place better than they found it. By focusing on soil sustainability, the Langes are able to produce grapes that sing with the best qualities of the Rogue Valley.

Their grapes are coveted by big name Willamette Valley winemaking operations, but 40% of the grapes each year are reserved for their own StoneRiver label — produced by Jonathan Oberlander, a favorite winemaker of Cellar 503 members.

StoneRiver Vineyards

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

StoneRiver Vineyards, Talent, Oregon
2017 Ultraviolet

Tempranillo and… Mourvèdre? Well, that’s an unusual blend!

You know that Tempranillo is a Spanish grape, and Mourvèdre is French, right? Surprise! Mourvèdre is the French name for a grape that also originated in Spain, where it’s known as Monastrell. It has become a trendy blend in Valencia, Spain, and we’re excited to see it show up in the Rogue Valley.

This particular blend is unusual because the two grapes don’t typically ripen at the same time. Tempranillo (which translates as “the little early one”) ripens early, while Mourvèdre/Monastrell ripens late in the season.

But when a vineyard manager can bring them together, the winemaker can deliver a wine that explodes like this StoneRiver edition with lush blackberry fruit flavors alongside spicy notes of dark chocolate. The tannins are smooth, after aging in oak barrels for several years.

Just 120 cases produced — of which nearly half was reserved for Cellar 503 members!

A Cellar 503 selection in July 2021, Spotlight on Southern Oregon Rogue Valley | Mourvèdre, Tempranillo