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Spotlight on Southern Oregon

March 2023

This month we are featuring wines from a few of our favorite Southern Oregon winery partners and a few new ones! This fast-growing region has a wide diversity of varietals planted and a vastly different growing climate than the rest of Oregon resulting in unique and delicious wines! I particularly love how they are making a name for themselves with Spanish varietals that aren’t widely grown anywhere else in the United States.

Our first red is a spicey blend of Syrah and Tempranillo from Upper Five Vineyards who donates 10% of the profits from this wine to local nonprofit organizations. Our second red is a Pinot Noir—yes Southern Oregon makes Pinot Noir too! - from Anchor Valley Wines.

Our first white is a Sauvignon Blanc from club favorites Kriselle Cellars. And our second white is another Spanish varietal, Verdejo from Red Lily Vineyard.

I hope you’ll enjoy these wines as much as we do.