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Environmentally Conscious Wines

April 2021

It’s finally spring here in Oregon. A time to (hopefully) get out and enjoy the beautiful landscape that makes our wine so special, and to celebrate Earth Day. Every year we pick a theme in April that relates to the unique environment in Oregon leading to these outstanding wines.

Whether it's labeled biodynamic, organic, dry farmed, natural, or not, most winemakers in Oregon are highly conscious of the amazing place where they live and make wine. Winemakers often have different definitions of what makes their wine sustainable or environmentally friendly and some choose not to label their wines at all. But I can tell you that each of our four winemakers this month are equally passionate about being a responsible member of the Oregon wine community and honoring the land around them.

These wines— a Bordeaux style blend from Southern Oregon’s Quady North, a Syrah/Pinot Noir blend from Twill Cellars, a Pinot Blanc from Carlton Cellars and a Riesling from Ridgecrest are all made from thoughtful, insightful winemakers who are focused on making high quality, delicious wines from sustainably sourced grapes, what more could you ask for?