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BBQ Wines

August 2020

Summer looks a little different this year. But it is still gorgeous here in Oregon—there’s no better place on earth than summer in Oregon. And summertime means easy-drinking white wines and reds that complement whatever you’ve got on the grill. You might be only grilling for your family rather than large groups, but it can still be a time to celebrate the season!

We brought together some special wines that will pair perfectly with whatever you’ve got going on the grill—fresh fish, slabs of ribs, event chargrilled vegetables.

Our reds are deep, dark and luscious – and perfect for anything that comes from your grill. Our first red is a unique blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese and Zinfandel at Natalie’s Estate Winery. We’re excited that our second red , a Cabernet Franc, comes from our very own tasting room staff member Greg Cantu of Hooray For You Wines!

I’m excited to be featuring a Pinot Gris Rose as our first white from club favorite Varnum Vintners. And our second white is a more traditional style Pinot Gris from new winery partner Lachini Vineyards—so fun to taste them side by side!