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Winery Dogs

March 2020

What is it about wine making and dogs? You’ve probably seen the books featuring winery dogs, the Instagram feeds with cute photos of dogs running around in the vines. Somehow in the last decade vineyards and dogs have become a wonderfully popular pairing.

Whether they are keeping watch out for other animals, sniffing out disease in vines (yes, they do that!) or just providing support and affection to hardworking winemakers, these lovable pooches steal our hearts every time.

So this month we’re jumping on the bandwagon and featuring winemakers and their dogs. Our first red is a Gamay Noir from winemaker John Grochau and his dog Miss Olive at Grochau Cellars. Our second red is the Vin de Days Rouge from Brianne Day and her puppy Frankie at Day Wines.

Our first white is a unique blend of Pinot Grigio, Moscato Giallo and Sauvignon Blanc called Collina d’Allegre from Darryl and his dog Watson at Viola Wine Cellars. Our second white is a Gruner Veltliner from Erich and his dog Marlo at Richocet Wine.

Excited to share these wines with you!