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Umpqua Valley AVA

August 2019

This month we are featuring wines from a unique and distinct AVA in Oregon—the Umpqua Valley AVA. One of Oregon’s more diverse climates, the Umpqua Valley can successfully grow both cool and warm varieties.  Named for the legendary river that runs nearby, the AVA stretches 65 miles from north to south, and is 25 miles from east to west.

This winegrowing region dates back to the 1880’s when German immigrants planted the first wine grape vineyard in the Valley. The AVA was officially recognized in the mid-1980’s and is home to more than 25 wineries growing more than 40 different varietals.

Our wines this month showcase the huge variety of wines being produced in the Umpqa Valley. Our first red is a light and lovely Sangiovese from Girardet Vineyards and our second red is a deep, bold Cabernet Franc from Spangler Vineyards.

Our first white is an Aligote from River’s Edge Winery, a unique Alsatian grape and our second is a bone dry Riesling from Roseburg’s Cooper Ridge Vineyard.

This is a great chance to discover a new region of Oregon’s diverse winemaking community!