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Slow Wine Movement

April 2019

The Slow Food movement is about food that's locally-grown, seasonally-focused, eco-friendly, and flavor-centric.  Now, here comes the Slow Wine movement.  Sure, it's about wine that's local and sustainably grown, but it's about far more than just the wine in the bottle.  It's about the people who make the wine, how the vineyards are managed, how the cellars are maintained, how active the winery is in its community, how sustainable the whole enterprise is.

The folks at Slow Wine expanded their reach into Oregon this year and we couldn’t be more excited.  Their highly-personal quality-focused approach rejects points-based ratings and really takes the time to get to know winemakers.  Sounds just like Cellar 503, right? 

We’re thrilled at how many of our Oregon winery partners were recognized by this global movement and we’re excited to share some of their wines with you in April, in honor of Earth Day.

Our first red is a Willamette Valley Syrah from Goodfellow Family Cellars.  Our second red is a red blend called Technicolor Bat from Dominio IV Wines.  Our first white is the Upper Five Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc and our second white is a Pinot Gris from Roots Wine Company.