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Natural Wines

April 2017

It's finally spring here in Oregon. A time to (hopefully) get out and enjoy the beautiful landscape that makes our wine so special, and to celebrate Earth Day. Every year we pick a theme in April that relates to the unique environment in Oregon leading to these outstanding wines.

This year, we're sharing with you four natural wines. There has been a lot of press recently about natural wines, and yet there is no consistent definition. Wine writer Alice Feiring defined natural wines as being made with nothing added to the grapes-except maybe a little bit of sulfur before bottling-and nothing taken out, such as alcohol and acidity. To me, that is the best definition, but it isn't shared with the entire winemaking community.

In the end, these wines come from high quality grapes, usually organic, bio­dynamic and LIVE certified. Winemakers leave the grapes to naturally ferment and create wines with no additives and no filtering resulting in an ages old expression of fruit in the bottle.

Natural wines got a bad reputation a few years back with inconsistent quality, but these wines- a Pinot Noir from Day Wines, a Merlot from Schultz Wines, a Chardonnay from Eisold-Smith and a Pinot Gris from Varnum Vintners will change your mind.

High quality, delicious wines from sustainably focused wineries, what more could you ask for?