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Wines We Love

February 2017

We love Oregon. Can't you tell?

And what better month to celebrate all that we love about Oregon than February - - after all, Valentine's Day is also Oregon's birthday. 158 years and stronger than ever!

This month, to celebrate all that we love about Oregon, we've picked out a few of our favorite wines (and winemakers!) -- just because we love 'em and had to share them with you.

Our first red is a Pinot Noir from Vincent Winemaking Company. Vincent holds a special place in our hearts because he sold us wine for our very first selection. Our second red is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Jan-Marc Wine Cellars. Also another early featured winemaker for us, we were particularly struck by the rich, complex character of this Cabernet Sauvignon that comes from the Oregon side of the Columbia Valley wine region. Perfect for the lingering cold nights of winter.

Our first white is a Pi not Blanc from Harper Voit. This one holds a special place in our club director Julie's heart because she interned for Drew Voit during the making of this wine. And our second white is a Pinot Noir from Fossil & Fawn. Is it a white Pinot Noir? A rosé? Blanc de noir? What F&F have done here defies convention, but it's so tasty!

We hope you'll love these wines as much as we do!