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A Sense of Place

January 2015

This month’s theme is all about a sense of place – more specifically, Southern Oregon vs. Northern Oregon wines. What makes them different, unique, and delicious.

At a basic level, Southern Oregon’s climate is a heck of a lot warmer than Northern Oregon. What does that mean for your wine? It means that the grapes grown in Southern Oregon can handle more heat than those up north – you don’t see a lot of Pinot Noir down south – and the grapes are riper when they are picked. Riper grapes means fruitier wines with full body and luscious flavors.

Typical Northern Oregon varietals can stand more rain and cold – you rarely see Tempranillo up north – and tend to be lighter in color and body with higher acidity.

Of course, both ends of Oregon produce outstanding wines — and we love to share them!