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Gonzales Wine Company

Gonzales Wine Company 2023 White Malbec

Backpacking & Grape Tattoos

While backpacking in Argentina, Cristina Gonzales stopped in Mendoza for dinner. The grilled steak was delicious, but it was the glass of Malbec that grabbed her attention.

That glass of Malbec stayed with Cristina, even after she returned home. Soon it called her away to work harvests around the globe, from Australia to California. She worked at the side of winemakers creating all manner of styles of wines, but she also bonded with the vineyard stewards who were raising and processing the grapes. Their expertise inspired her, and the shared language bonded them.

In 2010, almost ten years after that first fateful glass of Malbec, Gonzales Wine Company was born. Cristina began making wines that she herself loves to drink—aromatic whites, like Riesling and Gewürtztraminer, and bold reds, like Syrah and Petit Verdot. Her signature wine, made vintage after vintage, is of course Malbec.

We felt that any winemaker with a tattoo of Malbec on their forearm deserved to be in this fight.

Gonzales Wine Company

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Gonzales Wine Company, Portland, Oregon
2023 White Malbec

2023 Oasis Vineyard White Malbec

Another exciting, rare release of Gonzales Wine Company's White Malbec!!

The Oasis Vineyard White Malbec is a seductive pale salmon color unfolding with a nose of sugar snap pea, guava, and apricot. Ripe cantaloupe and strawberry are tempered with the faint brine of Castelvetrano olives, leaving a savory note on the palate.

This is an incredibly intriguing food wine: choose the right pairing, and magical things will happen. Pair with scallop crudo and fresh grapefruit, baked pear and gorgonzola, pungent bleu cheese, parsnips, poultry, and a green bean and tofu stir fry.

Columbia Valley AVA 57 cases produced pH: 3.62 TA: 5.0g/L Alc: 13.4%

A Cellar 503 selection in April 2024, Malbec in the City Columbia Valley | Malbec