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Robulous Wine Company

Robulous Wine Company 2022 Rosé

A Garden of Rosés

Robulous Wine Company is named after a creative project that took a life of it's own. As a champion for the Oregon Wine Industry I wanted to immerse myself in all of its aspects. The latest and most exciting has been an exploration of both vineyard sites and wine making styles.

For those of you who pop into our tasting room, you've met my winemaker Liz who is always up to a challenge. Together we are blessed with a very big family flavor lovers and fermentation nuts, that have helped us gain a better understanding of how to best express the flavors from grape to glass highlighting each site we fall in love with. This will be our third label released by allocation only to a very small set of palates. We raise our glass to all of you who got us here, and that includes you reader.

À votre santé!

Robulous Wine Company

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Robulous Wine Company, , Oregon
2022 Rosé

The ultimate underdog, folks are often quick to dismiss a Rosé.

I know I did. I always thought they were a by product of winemaking - a way for the winery to pull in some cash flow while the real wines were going through élevage. But made with the spectrum of fruit available to winemakers in Oregon, Oregon Rosés are often amazingly refreshing, acid and thereby food driven wines that pair as perfectly with the warm spring and summer months as they do the fresh garden fare that is available, deliciously "in season".

And so I had a dream. To be able to bring to our club member family a beautiful Rosé for the warm months to come. May you enjoy it with the bounty of the season, I know I'll be in my garden with a glass of this.

Using mostly Applegate Valley fruit sources I challenged Liz to blend together as many varieties as she felt she needed calling upon all of our friends to get the blend just right as we did with the white blend experiment you may have tasted last July. I wanted dry and fruit forward with a very soft easy finish. She made us 20 cases, we look forward to your thoughts.

Stainless Steel Fermentation & Aged in SS for 6 months. 41% Pinot Noir 19% Zin 16% Syrah 12% Grenahce Noir 9% Tempranillo 3% Malbec

A Cellar 503 selection in May 2024, Oregon Wine Month Applegate Valley | Malbec, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Tempranillo, Zinfandel