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Copper Belt Winery

Copper Belt Winery 2021 Syrah

Elevating the Family Legacy

In the spring of 1894 Thomas and Cora Cook with their three sons decided that Kansas was not the place for them. They sold what little they had, got a wagon and set out on the trail to Oregon, their destination: Oregon City. The Winter of 1894 came early and they were forced to stop in Union county outside of La Grande Oregon. The next spring with Cora being pregnant they opted to hold off their journey. In July of 1895 Walter Cook was born. Shortly after the Cook family moved back to a little valley just east of Baker City. There the Cook Family started a Homestead in Keating Valley. When Walter was grown he Married Lucy Mills and Homesteaded nearby.

Today our vineyards are planted on the same ground that Walter Cook the Great Grandfather of our Winemaker Travis Cook claimed over 100 years ago. The land has always been apart of the Cook family and the desire to work the land has always been the heart of our dream. At a very young age our winemaker, Travis Cook developed a fascination with wine looking at labels and hearing the passion and romance about where they came from at the local wine shop. When he graduated from Baker High School in 2003, he followed his curiosity to Oregon State University and enrolled in their Viticulture and Enology program (vines and wine). In 2004 Travis and the Cook family with the help of some friends planted the first wine grapes on the homestead.

Copper Belt Winery

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Copper Belt Winery, Baker City, Oregon
2021 Syrah

In 2005 Travis made his first wine through the OSU viticulture research program, it turned out horrible. After learning where he went wrong, in 2006 he made his second wine, a Pinot Noir from Woodhall III Vineyard in the South Willamette Valley. The 2006 still remains to be one of Travis's finest creations. Every year he continues to improve on what he creates. In 2010 at the recommendation of many friends and family, Travis and his family established Copper Belt Wines.

Our Syrah comes from Anderson Hill Vineyard right here in Baker County grown at some of the highest elevations in Oregon (over 3,000 feet)! Reminiscent of the Rhone Valley of France our Syrah carries lighter flavors of blueberry, and wild currents, mingle with spice and the wonderful flavors of the barrel make this Syrah one of a kind.

Pro-Tip: If you are ever passing through Baker City, Oregon - be sure to stop and taste the Copper Belt Wines. Also in the tasting room is the Cheese Fairy Cheese Shop, a great two for one stop for any traveler!

A Cellar 503 selection in August 2023, Elevation Snake River Valley | Syrah