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Six Peaks Winery

Six Peaks Winery 2021 Chardonnay

Growing up in a winemaking family.

It all started when John Albin was ten years old. As a Boeing engineer, his father was in a winemaking hobbyist club that would ship grapes up to Seattle by train from California and make wine in their garages. Naturally, young John did a science fair project on fermentation.

Fast forward to college, and he studied fermentation science at UC Davis. After a long stint as winemaker at King Estate, John planted his own vines at Laurel Vineyard in 1981. Nearly a decade later, they expanded from viticulture to winemaking.

Their love of wine has now passed along to a third generation.

John’s wife and partner, Lynn, would often take their young sons with her making deliveries to Portland’s best restaurants. The chefs got to know them and would frequently quiz them on ingredients, tastes, and smells – and reward them with cookies for right answers!
Now, Lynn and John’s sons have both followed in the family footsteps, studying fermentation science in college, and are now working together at the winery.

Six Peaks Winery

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Six Peaks Winery, Hillsboro, Oregon
2021 Chardonnay

Wait, what? This month’s theme is Laurelwood, so why is this wine from Walla Walla?

Six Peaks Winery (formerly known as J. Albin) is firmly within the boundaries of the Laurelwood District. But as prime Pinot Noir territory, there just aren’t a lot of white wines from the region yet. So, I’ve selected this fantastic Chardonnay from Six Peaks – sourced from Kenny’s Hill Vineyard in the Walla Walla region.

This Chardonnay is the product of a years-long relationship with Ken Hart, proprietor of Kenny’s Hill Vineyard. It’s an extraordinary spot — a vineyard that sits at over 1000 feet in elevation, a perfect site for warm days and cool nights that allow the Chardonnay to sit on the vines longer to develop character but not to get too ripe.

And rest assured, this is very much a crisp and lovely Oregon-style Chardonnay; no need to fear the popcorn butter bomb. At Six Peaks, they leave the wine in new French oak barrels for just one week —just enough for a hint of spice without the overwhelming oak blast. You’ll also smell stone fruit and honeysuckle along with a luscious body and a crisp finish.

A Cellar 503 selection in October 2022, Laurelwood AVA Walla Walla Valley | Chardonnay