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Cliff Creek Cellars

Cliff Creek Cellars 2020 Pink Pink Wine

A legacy of hard work.

Vern Garvin could’ve retired, but he decided at age 70 to add one more business to his portfolio – a vineyard. The family’s business ranged from a cable company, to radio communications, and 24-hour answering services. They branched out into farming and raising cattle when they bought their property just outside of Gold Hill in the 1990s. But in 1999, the Garvin family planted wine grapes. Today, they’re up to 70 acres of grapes – and they can’t grow enough to meet demand.

Vern and his wife Dorothy passed along their passion for the land, their community, and entrepreneurship to their children. Active in the family businesses from a young age, you could always find Lee, Roy, and Ruth pulling cable, working a switchboard or doing whatever needed to be done – and the three of them jointly manage the vineyard today.

As farmers, growing grapes comes naturally. But there was a young winemaker, a rising star named Herb Quady, who kept coming back to buy grapes. It didn’t take long before Quady proposed a partnership – he’d make the wine, and the siblings could finally sell the fruits of their vineyard labor under the Cliff Creek name to honor their father and his love of the land.

Cliff Creek Cellars

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Cliff Creek Cellars, Gold Hill, Oregon
2020 Pink Pink Wine

It’s no secret that I love rosé wine and I particularly love rosé coming from Southern Oregon. And this rose is no exception. The blend of 47% Syrah and 53% Cabernet Franc creates a unique and characterful wine.

A traditional vineyard management approach is to continually prune grapes off the vine, reducing yields to boost fruit quality. At Cliff Creek, they’ve been successful with an approach they call “hanging heavy” – intentionally keeping a lot of fruit on the Syrah and Cabernet Franc vines, and then picking early for the rosé wine and later for red wines.

It’s a bit of an unusual approach, but you can’t argue with the results! Four years ago, we featured their 2016 “Red Red Wine” (sorry if you get the song stuck in your head), and we’re very excited to feature this “Pink Pink Wine.”

You’ll smell strawberries and roses right out of the glass. On the palate, this is a clean and bright wine with strong strawberry flavors. A perfect summer sipper. And even better, 5% of the proceeds of each bottle go to cancer research.

A Cellar 503 selection in July 2022, Summer Party Wines Southern Oregon | Cabernet Franc, Syrah