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Cana's Feast Winery

Cana's Feast Winery 2020 Bricco

Old world wine with Oregon flair.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to draw a straight line from the culinary wasteland that is TGI Fridays to the exquisite old world wines found at Cana’s Feast.

Here’s the story: For winemaker Patrick Taylor, it all started when he was an uninspired history major. He quit school and took a job at TGI Fridays to pay the rent. Alongside the lineup of bland American pilsners were a handful of microbrews that made his tastebuds sing. Before long, he decided to head home to Oregon and try his hand at brewing beer.

At Oregon State, studying fermentation science, his passion for beer turned into a passion for wine, and a winemaker was born. Working on big red wines with famed winemaker Andrew Rich, and later with Cana’s Feast founder Gino Cuneo, Patrick fell in love with big Italian reds. He experiments and tinkers, tweaking his barrel strategy, his aging strategy, and more.

Over the last decade, as head winemaker at Cana’s Feast, Patrick has led the way toward their “decidedly uncommon” style, producing Pacific Northwest wines inspired by old world wines from Italy, Bordeaux, and the Rhône.

Just don’t serve his wines with the endless mozzarella sticks.

Cana's Feast Winery

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Cana's Feast Winery, Carlton, Oregon
2020 Bricco

Cana’s Feast likes to feature their regional inspirations right up front. Part of their Italian family of wines, the Bricco is inspired by wines you’d find in Tuscany and is loosely modeled on the ever-popular “Super Tuscan” blends found there.

This red blend is made of 63% Sangiovese, 15% Nebbiolo, 15% Barbera, and 7% Syrah. By blending zesty Sangiovese with aromatically intense Nebbiolo and hearty Barbera and Syrah this is a wine that can span a huge range of foods —it pairs especially well with carnitas, panzanella salad, and burgers. After all, Italian wines are meant to be enjoyed with food!

This is truly an Italian wine – a vibrant, fruit-forward, full-bodied, dry red with aromas of black cherry and flavors of sweet raspberry, juicy red fruit, orange peel, and cocoa. This wine has long and juicy finish that will keep you coming back for more. (A tip: The wine in the bottle is even better on day two!)

A Cellar 503 selection in April 2023, Wines We Love Columbia Valley | Barbera, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Syrah