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Mylan Wines

Mylan Wines 2017 Viognier

Grapes, Hands, Feet, and Gravity

That’s all there is to wine, says Ben Wasby, the owner and winemaker for Mylan Wines.

For Ben, wine is about family. The story starts in the northern Rhône, where his French cousins live among the vineyards. He has distant memories of his great-grandfather making wine for family consumption in the basement in France. Older relatives recall that it was terrible, but Ben’s memories of his great-grandfather talking about that wine have lasted over the years.

The big “A-ha!” moment for Ben happened when he was on vacation in Oregon and dropped in on the Columbia Gorge. He and his wife, Kendra, found a place where they could raise their young family in nature and among the vines. Hood River quickly became home for Isla, Gracie, and Judah.

A few stints with well-known wineries on both sides of the river, and in 2014, Ben asked friends and family to chip in via an Indiegogo fundraiser. And now, he’s not only producing great wines, but his tasting room in Hood River features other small producers in the Gorge and from around the world.

Mylan Wines

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Mylan Wines, Hood River, Oregon
2017 Viognier

Growing up, Ben’s mother always had Viognier from her home in the northern Rhône’s Condrieu region on hand for family celebrations.

Honoring his roots, Ben’s Viognier is definitely more of a traditional French style than a New World style. The climate in the Columbia Gorge has similarities to the vineyards in the Rhône and the soils impart similar characteristics. There are classic and subtle flavors of peach and dried fruit along with perfumes of white flowers.

Making it even more enjoyable as this long, hot summer winds down is the little bit of spritz that lingers after you open the bottle. This is a light and lovely bottle that makes you wish summer would never end.

A Cellar 503 selection in August 2018, Columbia Gorge Columbia Valley | Viognier