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Fullerton Wines

Fullerton Wines 2017 Three Otters Pinot Gris

For the love of family and wine

It started in preschool. The teacher called home one day and told Eric and Susanne Fullerton that their young son, Alex, was swirling and smelling his milk each day before he tasted it!

Today, Alex is the head winemaker at Fullerton Wines – a family venture that’s got everyone involved. Eric is Alex’s #2, Susanne runs business operations and caters events, son Filip works as a cellar hand after school, and daughter Caroline does the graphic design.

Of course, the passion for wine started even before the kids came along. As a young man, Eric worked as a cellar hand in Germany, and had a chance to travel Europe with a friend, seeking out cellar wines to add to the friend’s family collection. Susanne met Eric, and she fell in love with him, and his love of wine.

That love of wine transferred to Alex and upon college graduation, a chance tasting-room encounter with Lynn Penner-Ash landed him a job as a harvest intern. Before long, father and son decided to try their hand at making wine in the garage. A few years later, and they’re rising stars in Oregon wine – with a tasting room in the swanky environs of Portland’s Pearl District.

Fullerton Wines

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Fullerton Wines, Portland, Oregon
2017 Three Otters Pinot Gris

Three Otters is the Fullerton family’s second label. The three playful otters featured on the label are a variation on the otters that have been a part of their family crest since the 13th century. And along those lines, these wines are friendly and playful and meant for everyday enjoyment.

This 2017 Pinot Gris is a wonderful harbinger of spring.

Aromas of green apple, honeysuckle, and lime zest pair beautifully with flavors of pear, white peach, and melon. And with a hint of salinity on the end to make it interesting, this is the perfect bottle for the onset of spring!

Alex Fullerton emphasizes organic vineyard management and natural yeast. These wines are not fined, which means they’re even vegan-friendly!

A Cellar 503 selection in March 2019, North Willamette Valley Wineries Willamette Valley | Pinot Gris