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Quady North

Quady North 2017 Syrah

A rebel goes north to southern Oregon

In the San Joaquin Valley of California, the name Quady means world-renowned dessert wines and aperitifs, orange muscats that explode like a sunburst on the tongue.

A second-generation winemaker, it would have been easy for Herb Quady to stick with the family business. But Herb Quady has never done the easy thing. Or the expected thing.

So, Quady went north to Oregon to build his own winemaking career. To a place where the wine industry still welcomes rebellious sorts that don’t take themselves too seriously.

And he started making big reds and bright whites, leading with unusual varietals, like Grenache Blanc and Mourvedre, Viognier and Cabernet Franc. And Herb loves to shock folks by selling some of his wines as box wines – enclosed inside ammo boxes.

But the rebel is building quite a reputation, with folks all around wearing t-shirts proclaiming, “Herb is my winemaker.” Which leads to an important question: Can you still be a rebel when you’re the king?

Quady North

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Quady North, Jacksonville, Oregon
2017 Syrah

Sam's Valley Vineyard is “O.G. – Q.N.” It is one of the four vineyards Herb identified when he was just starting out as growing excellent fruit. In fact, this was the vineyard that convinced his father that you could make really great Syrah from Southern Oregon.

We are very excited to be featuring a wine with this much age. Five years old now, it’s just coming into its own with great structure, texture, and aromatic complexity. (Note: you might find some sediment in this wine. Totally safe and definitely expected in an unfiltered wine of this age. It’s a sign of quality!)

This big, bold, and delicious wine has a hearty, rustic quality which is charming. There are lots of firm tannins in this wine so it is often even better the day after it is first opened. It will be amazing with your holiday dinners of grilled meats or anything wrapped in bacon!

A Cellar 503 selection in December 2022, Holiday Wines Southern Oregon | Syrah