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Valcan Cellars

Valcan Cellars 2016 Syrah

From Argentina to Oregon

As a young man growing up in Rivadivia, Argentina, Juan Pablo Valot knew two things: He wanted to see the world and he wanted to make wine.

A son of Italian and French immigrants to Argentina with a long family history in the wine industry, JP started making wine at his high school and completed a five-year degree in winemaking at the national university in Mendoza, the heart of the winemaking region.

He was all set to work in Napa Valley when a friend encouraged him to try Oregon, with our more wide-open and innovative winemaking culture.

Despite immediately falling in love with Oregon (and in love with his wife, Doris), there was one moment of consternation. At his first gig, in the lab at Willamette Valley Vineyards, the Argentinian was alarmed by the light color of the wine coming out of the tanks. With a chuckle, the supervising winemaker told JP, “welcome to Oregon Pinot Noir!”

Today, JP is the head winemaker at Silvan Ridge and runs Valcan Cellars as his own personal label — known for deep, rich, dark red wines that evoke his Argentinian winemaking heritage made from Oregon grapes.

Valcan Cellars

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Valcan Cellars, Corvallis, Oregon
2016 Syrah

This is a gloriously, unapologetically dark and rich Syrah. You can definitely tell the Argentinian influences on this wine. This wine was aged for two years in barrel and then three more years in bottle.

This soft, round wine is very dark purple with ripe dark berry aromas. There are earthy tones here alongside wild berries – cherries, huckleberries, red raspberries – and nice hints of crushed herbs.

Full-bodied and rich with smooth tannins and a long finish that will keep you drinking until the whole bottle is gone!

As we start to head back outside this spring, this will be excellent with grilled or roasted meats.

Only 105 cases made.

A Cellar 503 selection in March 2021, Spotlight on South Willamette Valley Rogue Valley | Syrah