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Jaxon Vineyards

Jaxon Vineyards 2016 Syrah

The New World meets the Old World

Jamie and Katherine McCleary were done with the hectic life of commercial freight shipping and wanted to explore their passion for food and wine. Looking for the perfect location to grow grapes in 2007, they hit on a gorgeous little valley between Medford and Ashland on the site of an old pear orchard.

With lots of hard work, they cleared the land and planted four varietals – Syrah, Tempranillo, Grenache and Viognier – to honor the similarities in climate of France’s Rhône Valley and Spain’s Rioja region. The plan? Make the best ‘New World’ wines using grapes with a traditional ‘Old World’ history.

Starting with their first harvest in 2011, the McClearys have turned these exceptional grapes into exceptional, award-winning wine – with help from renowned Southern Oregon winemaker Rob Folin.

Their new tasting venue is a must-visit, with amazing views and, of course, some outstanding wine. They regularly feature tastings paired with local pizza. And if you get a chance to join one of their famous paella dinners, run – don’t walk!

Jaxon Vineyards

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Jaxon Vineyards, Medford, Oregon
2016 Syrah

Jaxon Vineyard wines represent the best of Southern Oregon wines while evoking an old world style. Their use of the traditional grapes in Rhône-style, Rioja-style and Bordeaux-style wines brings together the best of both worlds.

The 2016 Syrah is rich and complex, with deep brambleberry flavors, caramel and vanilla notes and pleasant leather and spice mixture.  This wine highlights one of the signature single varietals of their traditional style blends. It is a succulent wine with complex fruity aromas and earthy flavors that will only become more interesting over time. This is a modern interpretation of an old world wine.

It is, of course, a great match for Jaxon’s famous paella, not to mention that steak you’re going to put on the grill this weekend.

A Cellar 503 selection in June 2019, Best of Pour 2019 Rogue Valley | Syrah