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Treos Wine

Treos Wine 2015 Albariño

Three families with a love of the land.

The story of wine is often the story of family. Wineries big and small that are built on grapegrowing and winemaking knowledge handed down through the generations.

But at Treos, you'll find a family by choice – three couples bonded by their love of land, family and wine. Three families who worked together in previous lives who decided that it had come time to stop the corporate rat-race and do what they were passionate about.
But this is no idle pastime. These are some serious scientists and engineers.

They used their extensive experience to find exactly the right spot in the Willamette Valley, just outside Monmouth. And they spent years experimenting with every part of the winemaking process to find the unique expression of wine that they wanted to produce.
These are the very definition of small-batch, handcrafted wines; wines so intensely flavored that it’s almost hard to believe what they are producing.

At Treos, you’ll find memorable wines that you’ll be talking about for weeks after.

Treos Wine

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Treos Wine, Monmouth, Oregon
2015 Albariño

Have you heard the term “crop yield” bandied about? What does that mean?

At its simplest, crop yield is just the number of grapes that a plant yields. But it makes a huge difference. Too many grapes on a plant and the wine will be weak and watery. Too few and the flavors might be too intense and unbalanced – not to mention far less wine! It’s a tricky game trying to figure out the right number. The families of Treos threw caution to the wind and doubled down on low crop yields and high intensity. And it worked! Treos wines are complex with intense flavors and strong characteristics.

Like most of the Treos white wines, their 2015 Albariño is produced in an Old World style. Albariño is a popular grape in in northwest coastal Spain but rarely found here in Oregon. It has a cult-like following with harvest yields growing every year.

This is a full-bodied edition of a traditionally light and bright wine. With crisp minerality and hints of melon, green apple, and citrus, it pairs nicely with seafood and Thai dishes.

A Cellar 503 selection in September 2017, Unusual Varietals Willamette Valley | Albariño