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Gamine Wines

Gamine Wines 2014 Grenache Rosé Pétillant

Something playful, something special

English father. Malagasy mother. Born in Bahrain. Raised in France. Lives in Portland. Kate Norris is a global citizen. But today, she’s best known as one-half of the winemaking and entrepreneurial duo behind the Southeast Wine Collective and the Division Winemaking Company.

Her parents called her “gamine” – a nickname for mischievous, playful, young women.

And that’s the perfect name for wines that Kate produces as a personal side project. It all started when her partner, Tom Monroe, bought her a full ton of Syrah grapes as a gift. (Some gift!) And it’s now expanded to include the sparkling Grenache Rosé featured here.

With Gamine Wines, Kate gets to play around, try new things, and experiment. And her fans get to join her on the ride and taste the delicious results!

Kate and Tom’s Southeast Wine Collective is a popular wine bar and urban winemaking facility. Currently the home of nine winemakers, the Collective has launched numerous labels that are winning fans (including six previous selections in Cellar 503’s first year).

Gamine Wines

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Gamine Wines , Portland, Oregon
2014 Grenache Rosé Pétillant

The first thing you’ll notice is the crown cap coated in local beeswax. This wine was produced using the Pétillant Natural method, an older, traditional production style.

Unlike the traditional champagne method, Pettilant wines don’t go through two separate fermentation cycles. The wine goes through a single fermentation which is stopped by lowering the temperature of the wine just before all the sugar is gone. A small amount of champagne yeast is added in bottling. Fermentation kicks back in, producing soft, gentle bubbles of naturally-released CO2. (Note: A little cloudiness is normal; a result of the yeast that’s present.)

After you’ve noticed the crown cap and the lighter bubbles, you’ll realize that you’re drinking a Grenache Rosé, an uncommon grape found in sparkling. With big, bold fruit from Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley, it makes for an extraordinary Rosé with flavors of melon and aromas of lavender. Having brunch? This sparkling wine will be perfect. (But save the OJ for another bottle!)

A Cellar 503 selection in December 2015, Holiday Sparkling Special Applegate Valley | Grenache