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Monte Ferro Winery

Monte Ferro Winery 2013 Unoaked Chardonnay

Yes, there is wine in Lake Oswego!

I was driving through the middle of Lake Oswego, and I could hardly believe my GPS. A winery in the heart of this affluent Portland suburb? But sure enough, at the top of Iron Mountain with a phenomenal view of the lake, sits Monte Ferro Wines. I pulled up to a sweet little patch of Pinot Noir vines planted at the base of a stunning house and wandered around back to admire the view behind their tiny tasting room.

Bob and Mignon Ervin have created a beautiful oasis of wine in the heart of Lake Oswego. Retired from the food industry, Bob returned home to Oregon and started Monte Ferro Wines as a retirement project.

But without a background in winemaking or a huge plot of land for growing grapes, how were Bob and Mignon going to produce the wines? They adopted a time-honored French tradition and become négociants.

They source grapes from local grape growers who share their philosophy of low-impact viticulture and they collaborate with a great winemaker —Terry Brandborg of Brandborg Winery (whom we featured in 2015). It’s a team approach that doesn’t require expertise on other side of the equation; just a vision for making great wine. And it is!

Monte Ferro Winery

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Monte Ferro Winery, Lake Oswego, Oregon
2013 Unoaked Chardonnay

I love the evolution of Chardonnay in the Oregon wine world.

We’re in an exciting time – winemakers have figured out the best clones to plant and now they’re experimenting with different winemaking styles. I wonder if in 5 years we’ll have really settled on an “Oregon style” of Chardonnay or if winemakers will still be keeping us on our toes.

Rest assured: This wine from Monte Ferro is not your typical California-style Chardonnay. It is a straight-forward stainless-steel fermented Chardonnay, but definitely not boring! It has a depth of flavor unusual in stainless steel Chardonnays that includes apple, pear and peach. A fresh and crisp wine that really allows the lovely fruit to shine through.

This unoaked Chardonnay is a great food wine or just enjoy in the sunshine on our next sunny spring day.

A Cellar 503 selection in March 2016, Suburban Wines Elkton | Chardonnay