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Folin Cellars

Folin Cellars 2013 Grenache

This wine wasn’t made for you

Rob Folin is not your typical winemaker.

He admits that he’d absolutely rather be down in the cellar than standing behind the bar talking to customers. He doesn’t like writing tasting notes (“you tell me what you taste!”) And he loves experimenting with unique grapes and blends – once even producing a white Petite Sirah that was supposed to be an inside joke, until it was a huge hit that instantly sold out.

The bottom line? Rob makes wine because he loves it, not because people want to buy it. But, boy, do they ever want to buy it! It’s a classic case of the artisan thumbing his nose at popular convention, only to discover the world beating a path to his door.

Rob and assistant winemaker Chris Jiron are a pair of high-energy, young winemakers with a laser focus on growing grapes that work well in the warm climate of the Rogue Valley. Using estate-grown grapes, they’ve got their hands in every part of the process – producing high-quality wines that they love. (And you’ll love too!)

Folin Cellars

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Folin Cellars, Gold Hill, Oregon
2013 Grenache

Grenache is the perfect summer red. Light and delicate, it’s perfect with a little chill on a hot summer day. We love it so much that this is the second month in a row that we’ve featured a Grenache!

While there’s not a lot of Grenache planted in Oregon, this classic Rhône varietal thrives in the hot dry climate of Southern Oregon.

Dedicated to the continued evolution of this lush, delicate and approachable wine, Folin’s unique location and soil provides ideal growing condition. The 2013 Grenache is fruity, with a sweet, ripe red fruit flavor — with a spicy component that shines through. (But true to Rob’s approach, you tell me: what do you taste?)

A Cellar 503 selection in August 2015, Wines of Southern Oregon Rogue Valley | Grenache