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Merriman Wines

Merriman Wines 2012 Chenin Blanc

A Texas brewer discovers Oregon wine

Merriman Wines is a true collaboration. Owner Mike Merriman is a Texas native with a passion for Oregon wine.

Mike Merriman bought the Merriman Vineyard in 2006 after his love of all fermented beverages inspired him to make a change from brewing beer to making wine. Several years of working harvests at various wineries in the Willamette Valley inspired his love of the Merriman Vineyard and in 2006 it became his. Most of the grapes are sold to other wineries, but in 2008 Mike partnered with his fellow winemaker Erik Brasher to start their own label.

Their spirit of collaboration led them to the Carlton Winemakers Studio, the first multiple winery facility built in Oregon. Opened in 2002, it is home to eight unique and innovative winemakers who use the shared facility to make and sell their wine.

The members change over time as small new winemakers hone their craft and then move on to build their own wineries. It is a place for collaboration, innovation and yes, some really great wine.

Merriman Wines

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

Merriman Wines, , Oregon
2012 Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is an uncommon grape in the Northwest, but it’s commonly found in the Loire Valley of France. This high-acid grape is very versatile in its presentation. In cool areas the juice is sweet but high in acid with a full-bodied fruity palate.

The Merriman Wines Chenin Blanc comes from 40-year old vines on a very small plot of land personally managed by winemaker Erik Brasher. Aromas of bees wax, honeysuckle, gold raspberries guava and box elder. A caramel flan richness of texture shocked with vibrant acids and flavors of peach, myrrh and toasted pecans. Only 300 cases made.

A Cellar 503 selection in March 2015, Urban Winemakers and Collectives Columbia Valley | Chenin Blanc