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EdenVale Winery

EdenVale Winery 2006 Dolcetto

A tradition of innovation

In 1885, Joseph H. Stewart founded Eden Valley Orchards in the heart of the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. Considered the father of the commercial pear industry, it’s hard to imagine how Eden Valley was able to bring pears to market from such a remote place in the era before trucks and planes!

130 years later, there are still pears growing in the orchard — but Eden Valley’s tradition of agricultural innovation and leadership has found its way to the world of wine. With over a dozen varietals in the bottle, EdenVale Winery is a showcase for the Rogue Valley.

Ashley Campanella is one of the new breed of winemakers that’s finding their way without formal education. With a degree in marine science from a college in St. Petersburg, Florida, making wine was probably not on the career path.

But after coming home to southern Oregon, Campanella found her way to EdenVale in 2001 — first as a “cellar rat” doing all the unglamorous hard work. By 2004, she started making her own wine alongside EdenVale’s operation. And by 2008, she was leading the way as the head winemaker.

And what extraordinary wines they are!

EdenVale Winery

Cellar 503 Tasting Notes

EdenVale Winery, Medford, Oregon
2006 Dolcetto

Rarely seen in America, Dolcetto is a northern Italian varietal, most often found in the Piedmont region. Loosely translated as “the little sweet one”, it’s rarely found all by itself, and typically used in red blends.

EdenVale’s Dolcetto from the Rogue Valley is spicy, fruity, and medium-bodied. It’d be a tragedy to blend this one — as it stands alone wonderfully!

When pairing with foods, Dolcetto is excellent with classic Italian flavors of tomato, sausage and olive — think burgers and pizza! It can also stand in for Pinot Noir and pair nicely with salmon and halibut. It will add a wonderful spice to your Valentine’s Day celebration!

A Cellar 503 selection in February 2015, For The Love Of Wine Rogue Valley | Dolcetto