We are excited to announce that we are offering tasting appointments again during our upcoming Sip weekend. While we can't yet go back to the original format of our Sip events that you came to know and love, we have created a format that we hope will give you a great and safe tasting experience.

(We recognize that, even with these guidelines, a wine tasting event may not be right for everyone. We're also offering non-tasting pick-up appointments downstairs at the Cellar 503 office and we're always happy to arrange for FedEx shipping or home drop-off in the Portland metro area. Contact us here.)

How it works: The big picture

All tastings will now be done by reservation only, with 90 minute appointments for members. Members may still bring up to 3 guests for free, there is a $15 tasting fee for each additional guest. We'll be seating small groups inside and outside. Each group will be appropriately distanced from all other groups. Masks will be required everywhere except when you're seated tasting wine. We have some small charcuterie bites available for pre-order.

You will be served a complete flight of wine that you can pour into your glass. When you're ready to go, we'll bring your wine bottles to you. If you'd like to purchase extra bottles, you can exit downstairs through the cellar to make your selections.

In short, we're minimizing the amount of movement in the space, maximizing the distance between groups, never letting wine bottles anywhere near glasses, and doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.


How it works: All the details

This is a new world we're in now. So, to alleviate concerns and answer questions, we've detailed as much as we can about how it's all going to work. If you still have questions after reading this, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Reservations Only

All tastings will now be done by reservation only, 24 hours in advance, with 90 minute appointments. The appointments are staggered so that we can minimize crowding at arrival time. We ask that all guests finish within their window so that we have enough time to clean for the next party.

We'll be seating small groups inside and outside, with each group at least six feet from all other groups. When you make your reservation, you'll tell us whether you want to sit inside or outside and how many in your group. Most seatings will be for two or four people, with one space for a group of six.

We're only taking reservations from members (who are, as always, welcome to bring up to three guests for free, additional guests are $15 each). We'll ask for all the names in your party, in the unfortunate event that we need to trace who was present after-the-fact.

Kids who are able to stay seated at your table during your reservation are welcome to come with you. But please know that all the toys and games will be put away and kids must stay with their guardians at their designated table during the entire reservation period.

Important Note

If you, or anyone in your household, has symptoms or has had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last three weeks, we ask that you do not come to Cellar 503.

Also, if you have non-coronavirus respiratory issues (coughing, sneezing), we also ask that you do not come to Cellar 503. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our space.

We're more than happy to deliver your wine directly to you and we'll see you when it's safe.


As always, you're welcome to park on the street or in the lot next door. Wherever you park, please come around to the front of our building. (That will help minimize contact.)

When you arrive (on time, please), we'll ask you to wait outside to be greeted. Please observe distancing rules between groups waiting outside.

Masks are required anytime you're on the property (inside and out), except when you're seated. If you don't arrive with a mask, we will have disposable masks available. We will also have hand sanitizer available as you enter the building.

When your entire party has arrived, we'll escort you to your spot and get you started on your tasting!

Wine Tasting

Your tasting will be done entirely at your seating area. (Gathering at the bar is explicitly barred by the Governor's order.) Once you're seated, you're welcome to remove your mask.

We'll bring you a tasting menu and our signature tasting notes and winemaker stories along with the flight of 6 wines that we are featuring that day.


We are happy to bring back club member favorite bites from Elephants Deli! You can purchase a small plate of charcuterie to enjoy with your wines during your appointment for $11. Each plate serves one person and includes a variety of meats, cheeses, dips, olives and figs and is served with bread. A vegetarian option is available at this time. Orders for charcuterie plates must be placed by the Thursday before the event. Orders cancelled after the Thursday before the event will not be eligible for refund.

You are also certainly welcome to bring your own snacks.


When you're ready to go, we'll bring your club wines to your table.

If you're considering purchasing extra bottles -- of our selections, the bonus pours, or other wines -- you'll go downstairs to our cellar and exit through the office. We'll charge the credit card you have on file with us. (If a non-member guest wants to buy wine, that's great, too!)

If you don't want to buy any other wines, we ask that you exit through the back gate into the parking lot next door (even if you're parked in front of the building.) That way, we avoid crowding at the front entrance.


As always, you're welcome to use the restroom. Please put on your mask when you get up from your seat. We've got extra cleaning supplies in the restroom and we'll ask that you use them when you're done.

If you happen to run into friends, that's great! You're certainly welcome to have a brief conversation. But please don't move your seats or join their group for an extended period. We want all our guests to feel comfortable and safe.

All of our staff will be wearing masks or face shields. We won't be wearing gloves, but will be washing with soap regularly (to avoid cross-contamination, per state rules.) Please no hugs, handshakes, or high fives.

All tables, chairs, and service items will be cleaned and sanitized between seatings.